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Caliber 1 Construction’s pillars of success are integrity, quality and satisfaction. We strive for excellence by daily exhibiting our slogan, “Our sights set on being number 1!”. We are led by the ideals to overcome challenges, adapt to what is required to complete the work and excel in everything we do. We are very excited about any opportunity to provide service to our clients on their project and believe we offer the exact leadership with the precise expertise needed to complete any project.

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Looking for an enriching internship experience?

Look no further! Here are the highlights of our program:

  • 10-Week Duration: Dive deep into the industry with our comprehensive internship spanning ten weeks.
  • Paid Internship: Your hard work deserves recognition! Enjoy compensation for your valuable contributions.
  • Housing Provided: Focus on your growth without worrying about accommodation – we’ve got you covered!
  • Choose Your Discipline Focus: Tailor your experience to your interests with options including project support for large projects, smaller projects & remodels, facility maintenance, preconstruction, or fieldwork.
  • Self-Directed Project: Showcase your skills and passions with a project aligned with your chosen discipline.
  • Assigned Manager/ Executive Mentor: Receive personalized support and feedback from dedicated mentors throughout your internship program.
Apply now and let’s create something incredible together!

Apply now for the following semesters:
Summer 2024 – FULL
Fall 2024
Spring 2025
Summer 2025

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